Recommendations for our Leaders: Ways to Support Human Services

  1. Consider allowing funds from restricted program grants to be used for general operations to allow organizations to internally reallocate funding based on emerging needs related to this crisis. We recommend extending reporting requirements and reducing application requirements, as organizations may have less personnel and time to manage grants.
  2. Many organizations have had to cancel their fundraising events, some of which provide the majority of their budget for the year. Consider supporting small providers — particularly those who rely on philanthropic contributions to keep their organizations afloat.
  3. Remember Downstate Illinois — human service organizations throughout the state need emergency funding. In our philanthropy report, we found that 39% of grant dollars from Chicago area donors went to the six-county region, 57% to other areas of the United States, and only 2% to downstate Illinois. It is essential to bolster the capacity of community foundations, and target areas that do not have access to as much donor funding.




Because Human Services Matter to ALL of us.

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Lauren Wright: Illinois Partners for Human Service

Lauren Wright: Illinois Partners for Human Service

Because Human Services Matter to ALL of us.

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